Founded in 2018 with a single vision to change the E-commerce landscape in North America, Global E-Brand has experienced a boom and made an impact in the marketing industry consistently.

One of the biggest demands of the E-commerce world is to build a brand that meets the set standards they have laid, to be trustworthy and transparent with clients, to commit to the constant change of industry trends and expand to different sectors that are a functioning part of the industry. With this agenda in mind,  Global E-Brand is achieving these demands working alongside chiefly over 50 brands which includes Amazon, Groupon, Zulily, Ebay and Tanga.

Our advertising platforms include Facebook Ads, Instagram and Google. Our creative team is dedicated to refining ad strategies to communicate messages in the best way possible to reach millions of clients worldwide.

Global E-Brand is climbing the E-commerce ladder become one of the most recognizable brands worldwide with these platforms to the point where we have already decided to launch our services into Logistics, Web Development, Marketing and Custom Product Sourcing. Currently our head office is in Canada with branches and distribution centers in China, India, United Stated, United Kingdom and Australia.

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